Animal Medicine Card Readings

Animal Medicine Card Readings

I offer Online Life Guidance using the elegant wisdom and grace of Animal Medicine Card Readings.

Animal Medicine Card Readings | Online Life Guidance

What are Power Animal Spirit Teachings?

Power Animals which are also known as Totems are a study of the natural world and a tool for discovering the truth.  Animals are living symbols of the cosmic design which whisper powerful teachings about the nature of true reality.  Working with Power Animal Spirit Teachings teaches us how to ride waves of change and live well in an ever-shifting world.  Each Animal’s wisdom is reflected in its shape, color, form, and skills.

Working with your Animal Totems is an ancient, holistic approach to rediscovering personal power and balance through Nature.  Nature is always true.  Whenever we get lost, we need only look around at all the nature before us.  Nature is always talking to us. Has the ant come to visit?  Has a hawk landed on your path?  What animals are interacting with you at this time? And what are they trying to tell you?

Card reading an elegant and accessible resource for people who are interested in self-reflection, introspection, and learning how to improve one’s life.  Derived from our animal relatives all around us, Animal Medicine Card Readings not only teach us how to access our intuition and creativity, but they also remind us of our connection with Earth and all our relatives.

The animals are our teachers and our friends. By observing their unique behaviors and skills and relating them to our own situations in life we can improve our understanding of ourselves and the people around us to find balance on our life’s journey.

If you’d like to learn more feel free to contact me at: urban healers of la @ gmail . com.

Power Animal Spirit Teachings- Online Life Guidance