Animal Spirit Totem Blog

What does that animal “mean?”

Animal Spirit Totem Blog

When we meet an animal in our life’s journey, we are meeting a teacher who is asking us to consider some new aspect of our current situation.  This Animal Spirit Totem blog is here to help you discover on your own what an animal visitor might be saying to you.  To begin, make simple observations about the animal’s design and unique skills.  Write a list of obvious statements- really obvious- things like- “It has wings.” or “It weaves a web.”  Then ask yourself how those descriptions apply to some aspect of your life.  How is the quality of these attributes relevant to the issue at hand?  Is it time to take flight and lift up to higher ground?  Or maybe it’s time to land…   Is it time to weave a web of social connections? Or have you woven yourself into a sticky situation?

This Animal Spirit Totem Blog is inspired by the work by Jamie Sams and David Carson.  Their Animal Medicine Cards have been a profound source of life guidance for me since I first discovered them in the early 1990’s.

For inspiration and suggestions on what any animal visitors may be saying to you, here is an Animal Spirit Totem blog for your reference.  I hope the ideas presented here help to generate your own ideas about what your animal encounters may mean.  Every message brought by an animal is unique and ever-changing.  There is no way to discover once and for all what an animal “means” in the same way we can never discover what our sister or our best friend “means.”

Working with Animal Spirit Totems is the art of conversation and creative connection.  What energy is needed in your life at this time?  Has the Hawk come with its talons?  Or is the mouse hiding in the walls?  I hope you enjoy!